It’s taken a while to finish this but it’s now done, I’m very happy with how it’s turned out, I may make it available as a print when I can get my arse in gear. Stay vigilant for updates!



I was asked by Locktender recently to do a shirt based on their Kafka release. It should be available soon, check their wordpress for news of the shirt, and for a free download of Kafka, their bandcamp .

The shirt looks like this…


Under The Spire Tee design

Under The Spire Tee design

I drew this tee design for the excellent Under The Spire, a great label that deserves yr support. There’s a handful left in tweed and blackberry over at their site http://www.underthespire.co.uk
Buy some great music while yr at it, especially the Wreaths album.




How can you expect to gain the respect of yr family and peers without yr iPhone being clad in the latest THEE RUINER case and/or skin?

Not to mention the other essential product purchases guaranteed* to enhance yr standing in the eyes of all that love and judge you which can be found at society6.com/THEERUINER


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