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This is the poster for this year’s Out of The Trees, we are now in our 8th year and its shaping up to be one of the best yet…if yr interested in attending our little festival in the wilds of Northumberland visit for all the details you’ll need, it’s a great day out with tonnes of music filling 3 venues, all within 2 minutes of each other, you can even commute to the festival on our fantastic vintage bus from nearby Newcastle. Tempted? Yeah, thought so…



I recently completed a cover for the might Mountain of Teeth, it’s suitably grimm considering the record is a monolithic slab of doom; raw, claustrophobic and capturing a spontaneous live sound it’s a joy to get lost in it. The record is availble directly through the band’s bandcamp page:

The band say:

Band members Aaron and Rachel (both guitar and vocals) will be moving to Portland, Oregon this Halloween. Both Ray (drummer) and Susan (bass) are rooted here in Los Angeles… so, the band has officially called it quits. BUT, the group just finished up a recording of their songs that has a raw and very live sound to them. “A Hornet in a Hailstorm” is now available for a name your price download… have at it, and thank you for the


As we’re having some fancy lighting at this years Out Of The Trees, we thought we’d make a gobo to project an image, here’s something I put together for that very purpose. A gobo is a stencil of sorts, used to block light and project an image.


This is one of the two designs for the Tshirts that are for sale at this years Out Of The Trees. It’s an oldish illustration but one I thought would be perfect for the event, and frankly, would look great on a white Tshirt.

If there’s any left after the festival I’ll be selling them here…