wanna grow up to be…be a defacer

hair faced boy

a new illustration, india ink on vintage advertisement.

i was quite pleased recently with a two word review of this image by a friend of mine, and i quote – “truly terrifying”. he’s not wrong.

it’s from images such as this that i have taken the name thee ruiner.  seen by some as disrespectful, the ‘ruining’ of these vintage images can, to me at least, only be seen as a good thing, they have been forgotten, been discarded and by scrawling on them i feel i have played a part in recycling/reviving/resuscitating them.  is this an arrogant assumption? is it accurate? does anyone care?  i just like to draw on them really, the original images have a quality to them that you dont see in today’s advertising/photography etc, a kind of weathered, grainy, fuzzy sheen, a tangible element that we rarely see now…and then i come along and deface them.

diamond cloud


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