new year…new work?



Its 2009…

if theres one thing i want to do this year, it’s create a lot more work….not only illustration/art work but music too.  i have a tonne of stuff waiting to be put out, hopefully myself and my NEIN! NEIN! cohort philip irvine {} will finally release our first album ‘flowers, from blackened antlers’ on my fledgling microlabel Hallowed Tapes…its a sprawling, dark beast of billowing fug, crystalline chimes, woodland drone & blossoming static.  we also have an e.p in mind of some songs that we recorded last year, theyre inspired by our shared love of  ‘blood meridian: or the evening redness in the west’ by cormac mccarthy, they ended up a bit more structured than our other stuff, a bit more considered….

some things from ‘flowers, from blackened antlers’ can be heard lurking here –

Im nearly finished tweaking my second wreaths album too…i put out a few cd-r copies of it a while ago but i was never happy with the thing.   i’m reshuffling it, shaving off bits here and there and making it more presentable, it turned out a lot lighter in tone than my first album ‘these words will bury yr monuments’ {free download from}…it’s called ‘like sparks from throats falling’, it’ll be out when its finished.

more here –

on top of all that i’m hoping to be a lot more prolific with my personal illustration work this year too…il be continuing with the weekly drawing forum ‘hung & drawn’ at university and doing a lot more personal projects outside of my uni work…all this and much more will happen…not least because its down in writing now, so i have to


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